Estate Law-Related Articles

Loving Legalities

It's easy to overlook essential family legal issues when all is going well. But failing to address these issues ahead of time not only jeopardizes your chances of distributing your estate assets as you choose, it can also put an unnecessary strain on the relationships of surviving family members. In this article we provide tips for responsible planning.

Immobilized by Contention/Indecision?

So often family members find themselves at an impasse when it comes to dealing with the estate of a loved one they have lost. But estate succession doesn't have to be a lost cause, especially once you've been made aware of your rights under Louisiana law. This article can help to shed light upon some surprising facts about your options.

Freedom, and The Pursuit of Freedom From Personal Intrusion

Our personal freedoms are something we take for granted all too often. In this article, we highlight the importance of defending your right to make your own life decisions, and the urgency of making those decisions known in a timely manner.

Recent Trends Causing Concern

In this article, we discuss troubling issues that are having negative effects on the correct exercise of testaments, and other problems arising from the mistreatment of those we should care about the most. Learn how to protect yourself -- and those you love.

Final Thoughts

While there are some situations in life that are beyond our control, so many others are simply the product of poor life decisions. In this post, we discuss fundamental, often-overlooked principles that can enable you to 'live life on purpose,' by taking much greater control of your own destiny.