Estate Planning for Young Married Couples

If you're a young married couple, especially when children are involved, you have decisions to make that estate planning for young married couple with childrenwill be critical to your family members at some point in life. Unlike your life as a single person, there are others that you care about whose lives and fortunes are now merged with yours. Early, responsible estate planning will help to ensure that those you love are cared for as you see fit.

In addition to concerns that should be addressed by singles, you should also consider the following:

  • Choose a tutor for children considering faith, academic desires, extra-curricular expectations, special needs of the child.
  • Trust for minor children with Trustee possibly being person other than caregiver(s) or a Trustee board.
  • Create a Last Will & Testament including the foregoing considerations for your children’s benefit.
  • Self Employed - Consider a SEP for retirement (A little very early, goes a long way).
  • Life Insurance - Update your contingent beneficiaries with the birth of each child. Consider Additional Life Insurance while age, health and weight are on your side.
  • Consider the appropriate Business entity to limit your personal liability if you own a business.


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