Estate Planning for Singles

Even if you're single and have never been married, there are realistic estate planning concerns that you estate planning for singlesshould take into consideration with regards to your assets, liabilities, and other interests. Regardless of whether or not you end up needing a will or other estate planning documents early in life, having these items on file early will start you down a path that is far more likely to keep you in charge of your own estate matters throughout your full lifespan.

Some items to consider at this point in life are:

  • Disability Policy - Who will take care of you in the event of a disability?
  • Should the need arise, who will handle decisions regarding your funeral and payment?
  • Authority to extract information and cooperation to receive company benefits
    which are owed at this time and close these employer derived accounts.
  • Who is your choice of person to be in charge of your estate after death, and who will secure your
    assets pending orderly distribution?
  • Who will have authority to care for your pet(s) with ownership designation?
  • Will you have Life Insurance, which could fund your funeral and pay any outstanding debts?

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