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I am glad that you dropped by and commend you for giving thought to these important areas that we all need to plan for, whether we consider ourselves poor or rich, young or old, or somewhere in between.

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Estate Planning encompasses planning for disability and death.  We each leave a legacy. Whether we plan determines what kind of legacy we leave and how much stress we place on those that we care about.

Many firms assist clients with planning for the distribution of their client’s estate upon death.

However, pivotal issues occur before death and are much more daunting. One of the earliest issues in a client’s life is who will have the custody and care of their minor child or children if they die as a young parent. Another of these issues is disability which is by far the most difficult planning, because this planning requires that the planning encompass variables which cannot be known and involves the well being of the client, not just his or her stuff.

For example, how long will the disability last, how many hours a day will assistance with daily living be needed or will 24/7 care be needed? Crucial to this is how much of the client’s money will be needed to fund the care desired. Finally, will the client have enough money if the client chooses to reside at home with round the clock care or will the client choose to gain medicaid eligibility by using time and legal asset protection planning.

Whatever the choices and whomever the client, the trust is that with time and planning you are your best asset, meaning that clients who are strategic and plan well in advance will likely have a better result.

So come in. You are among friends. Have a look around our website. Call me today and take the initiative to plan for your future and your family’s future. Leave a well planned legacy. Then, YOU will be your best asset.

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